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We offer the following programs for Youth and Adults

  • Building Confidence

  • Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence (MBEI)

  • Meditation

  • Internal Harmonics

  • Personal Safety Toolbox (PST)

Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence (MBEI)

Recently, Mr. Starr has added Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence (MBEI) to the cadre of activities offered by SSPD. Although the course was designed to address issues faced by those living in correctional institutions around the country, everyday citizens can also benefit from the information and techniques that are addressed in the program.

Mr. Starr has earned a base level certification from the originators of the MBEI program, the Prison Mindfulness Institute (PMI).* The purpose of this course is to provide the participant with: 

– a sense of self-awareness 

– a sense of self-understanding, 

– the capacity to understand and display compassion for others, 

– the tools necessary to enhance and strengthen emotional resilience.

* Course material is based on the text written by Kate Crisp

Emotional resilience is that quality that lies within us that allows us to lift ourselves up out of the depths of despair or remove the clouds of depression. It can keep us from actively engaging with others and become socially withdrawn. We may even become anxious. 

All of these things can negatively affect our interpersonal relationships.

MBEI is a course that is designed to increase self-awareness and to understand the trigger points within our thought processes that make us think or react negatively to situations and occurrences that might upset our composure and serenity.

The Objective of MBEI


1) To become aware of the thoughts and feelings within us that cause us to have a negative reaction to the speech or behavior of others

2) To explore techniques that will allow us to understand, and then alter, our perceived notion of what is occurring in a particular situation and take control our reactions 

3) To step back and see ourselves as others see us, to understand how the speech and behavior others affect us, and how our own speech and behavior may affect others

4) To understand how, through understanding myself and understanding others, I can control and manage my environment by efficient regulation of my emotions


* (Seed Sower Personal Development’s MBEI program is based on the “Path of Freedom” curriculum created by Fleet Maul and uses the text created by Kate Crisp)


Building Confidence


Confidence building requires introducing an individual to various challenges that moves them out of their comfort zone. Self-discipline is the key to achieving any goal and is 

That is why Seed Sower Personal Development (SSPD) incorporates a program of  high intensity adrenaline stimulation, intense mental focus, and gentle relaxation. These exercises are designed to enhance self-confidence, improve physical health, and foster a sense of well-being for the participant.

The gateway to an increased sense of wellbeing. 

SSPD offers a unique program called “INTERNAL HARMONICS“ specifically designed to achieve this goal.

Personal Safety Toolbox (PST)

Personal Safety is a two part, four level program designed to teach situational awareness to children and adults. By learning to recognize dangerous situations and you can successfully avoid or escape them. It is not necessary to complete all four levels to enjoy the benefits of the course, however, the greater your exposure the more useful and the greater the variety of elements in your “defensive toolbox” will be.


This program has been taught at Syracuse University, Cazenovia College, State University of New York at Oswego, and four township recreation departments throughout the central upstate New York area.


Initially designed for college students, this curriculum will emphasize “safe thinking” as well as “physical safety” and will develop a sense of balance, distance, and timing. All of which is designed to discourage and deter unwanted attention or aggressive behavior.

The instructor, Ernest Starr, is a retired Naval officer and has 53 years of experience and training in personal safety and self-defense. Mr. Starr was the subject of an article in the December 1976 issue of Karate Illustrated magazine, and in the spring of 1977 he was rated as one of the top 10 competitors in the North East region by Karate Illustrated.


Living Into Your Full Potential

Enhancing the Quality of Life Through Meditation


Motivation Is The Key


Lack of motivation can cause our dreams to collect dust and, ultimately, be forgotten. The goal of Seed Sower Personal Development (SSPD) is to help people develop the motivation, self-confidence, and the right mindset that will allow them to fulfill their full potential. SSPD’s focus is to help determined individuals develop the tools necessary to better themselves.


Methods of Meditation


Techniques To Suit Your Purpose


SSPD places an emphasis on the following types of meditation:


Concentration Meditation (mental focus) Mindfulness Meditation (self-awareness)


Visualization Meditation (Calmness, Serenity)


Qi Gong Meditation (Energy Cultivation)


Moving Meditation (total mind-body integration)


The benefits of these programs are immeasurable. They provide the practitioner with increased energy, and a renewed perspective.


A program exclusively taught by SSPD called Internal Harmonics uses these methods of meditation to achieve a positive mental attitude and a renewed sense of well-being.

Internal Harmonics

Internal Harmonics is a program incorporating mindfulness, concentration, and motion designed to promote harmony of mind and body. 


When mindfulness and motion unite, the result is moving meditation. Internal Harmonics is the application of such unification through various degrees of mental and physical intensity.


Internal Harmonics incorporates movements from the Japanese art of Jufu. Jufu (Gentle Wind) is a low-impact exercise. It is performed with slow smooth, gentle, flowing movements. Quick deliberate motions are interspersed with the slower movements to provide a burst of energy while performing the slower foundational movements of the exercises. 


The utilization of various breathing techniques make it possible to focus one’s mind on the “Now.” Additionally, systematic application of various breathing techniques performed simultaneously with body movement helps to develop mental concentration and aids in the relaxation of the body.


Internal Harmonics utilizes slow, deliberate, yet highly focused motions to aid the cultivation of mental serenity, promote self-confidence, facilitate relaxation, and improves one’s sense of well-being.


Quicker motions interspersed with slower movements are used to reenergize the body and refocus attention on the primary movements during practice. 


It is a wonderful way to start your day, or rejuvenate one self during the day and is an excellent precursor to meditation practice that is also a part of this course. Each lesson will build upon previous lessons giving the participant an opportunity to review previously covered material as well as learn new material with which one can build his or her own repertoire of exercises.

Mindflness Based Emotional Inteligence
Personal Safety Toolbox
Internal Harmonics
Exploring Nature

                               Re-Establishment Assistance

We also provide assistance for Returning or Restored Citizens and for homeless families with children*

  • Temporary lodging 

  • Driver License fines/reinstatement fees

  • Utility Deposits –

    • Electric

    • Gas

    • Water

    • Telephone

  • Bus Passes

  • Birth Certificate fees


*Call (888) 520-7773 for terms and conditions.

Re-Establishment Assistance
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