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Guided Meditation

Take Control of Your Life With Guided Meditation

Life can pull you in different directions, which can lead you to feel stressed out quite often. Whether you're feeling stressed at work or are having relationship problems, it can feel like you are losing control of your life. Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you deal with your stress and anxiety, and help you take back control of your life. Meditation is practiced by millions of people across the world to help develop beneficial feelings and habits, such as self-discipline, a positive outlook, increased patience, and focus. Meditation has also been used to help with pain tolerance. From business owners, athletes, stay-at-home parents, etc. - meditation is being used by people in all walks of life to improve all aspects of mental and emotional health. 


Now, there are a variety of meditation techniques, but one that is very popular is guided meditation. In guided meditation, the practice is shaped by another person’s voice.


During meditation, the mind tends to wander, which is not bad. It’s completely normal. When the mind does wander during meditation, you can observe the thought, but the goal is to let go and immediately come back to your focus or go back to your breath with calm. At times people have a hard time doing so and find it much easier to focus and relax when their minds are guided by someone else. Guided meditation can be done live with a person leading the meditation or by recording presented on apps, CDs, podcasts, etc. 

Guided meditation, just like all types of meditation, offers a variety of benefits when practiced regularly, which include a reduction of stress and anxiety, an increase in self-awareness. It lengthens attention span, calms negative emotions, and more. 

If you would like to learn more about meditation or would like to participate in a guided meditation, contact Seed Sower Personal Development. Seed Sower Personal Development provides mentoring services to low-income persons, and to returning citizens to help them in their effort to adopt an alternative outlook toward life.

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