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Mr. Starr

A Dedicated Servant

The experiences of Mr. Starr’s youth has increased his civic awareness, and his commitment to equality and social justice. It set the stage for what is now his continued involvement and dedication to causes favoring the disadvantaged members the society. Empowering disadvantage populations wherever he has encountered them has been his life’s passion, and the sole motivation for his dedication to the life and welfare all people.


His life-long commitment to equality and social justice has led him to serve in various capacities with the Horizon Prison Initiative between the years 2009-2011 and 2015-2016. The program encouraged its participants to grow, thrive, and live out the meaning and creed of their professed religious faith. 

Our Mission

To support all members of the community by:

a) providing a secure environment for self-evaluation.

b) promoting the development of critical thinking and self-reliance.

c) Developing confidence by focusing on personal growth.


That beneficiaries of our programs become model citizens and leaders who will inspire their community.


a) provide mentoring services to low-income persons, and to returning citizens to help them in their effort to adopt an alternative outlook toward life. 

b) To provide programs for youth designed to increase physical fitness and to enhance and improve mental concentration while inspiring a sense of dignity, self-respect, and a healthy respect and appreciation of others.

c) To encourage a sense of responsibility at home and in the community.

d) To increase self-awareness, and to teach both children and adults methods of staying safe in potentially dangerous environments.

Core Values

1. Courtesy


2. Sincerity


3. Compassion


4. Integrity


5. Temperance


6. Courage


7. Commitment


8. Humility


9. Perseverance


10. Respect

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