Mountain climbing




Confidence building requires introducing an individual to various challenges that moves them out of their comfort zone.

Reflecting in the Meadow

Emotional resilience is that quality that lies within us that allows us to lift ourselves up out of the depths of despair or remove the clouds of depression.


Personal Safety is a two part, four level program designed to teach situational awareness to children and adults.


Lack of motivation can cause our dreams to collect dust and, ultimately, be forgotten.


Internal Harmonics is a program incorporating mindfulness, concentration, and motion designed to promote harmony of mind and body. 

Exploring Nature


We provide mentoring services to low-income persons, and to returning citizens to help them in their effort to adopt an alternative outlook toward life. That beneficiaries of our programs become model citizens and leaders who will inspire their community.



All gifts and financial contributions support the temporarily homeless and returning or restored citizens in the process of reestablishing and reintegrating themselves into the community, the workplace and society at large.

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